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    • Mark Bull
      Mark Bull uploaded the file Wrist pattern - Ganglion
        • Anthony McCarthy
          Anthony McCarthy

          Great stuff Mark. Funnily enough I had a lesson with someone last week with a ganglion and I didn't know what it was so thanks for the info. He was a newcomer to the sport so it will be interesting for me to focus on how he moves around the wrist in the coming weeks in relation to the ganglion.

          • Mark Bull
            Mark Bull

            Thanks Anthony, pleased it helped. Ironically i had a young lady present with a ganglion today therefore this can be a powerful way of showing that if their patterns remain as they are, these things can happen - in short this can be a good incentive for encouraging players to make improvements especially in an attempt to avoid pain.

            • Greg Brodie
              Greg Brodie

              Thanks for sharing Mark. 

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