Russell session feedback

    Mark Bull
    By Mark Bull

    Hello Russ,

    Thank you once again for posting the session and sharing all the feedback, excellent as it shows much courage and comfort in your own abilities to share this with the group, well done . In particular the document/presentation you shared showing all your reflections, very, very good.

    My observations on this study:

    • sensor placement is vital as this controls the accuracy of the data
    • calibration is vital as this is what controls the credibility of the data
    • although the coach and player lead the session, it is on you to lead the questioning. Before you start discussion, you need to know where you want them to end up/where you want the discussion to get to/end therefore it is your role as the 3D service provider to guide them to where you want the session to go. Yes its their session, however you are their to help therefore you need to move them towards where the help is greatest
    • Have confidence in your understanding of the data, your role is to know the data, understand their movements, be precise as to why they move this way rather than ' i think this is what you do....'
    • in the next case study, lets look at joint movement as improved understanding of this will hugely help your understanding of the why they move in the way they do and why they produce the values they do.
    • have clear objectives that you would like the coach and player work towards. Yes it is the players session, influenced by the coach however they have chosen to come and see you therefore you need to control the session more. It's a mix of being humble however being assertive. You know the information, not them!!
    • spend time looking at how the data matches up, for example how their start position influences how they move in backswing, how transition reveals much about most things, anatomically what is happening when they move in the way they do, what movements you are aspiring them to move towards.
    • Your role as the 3D provider is to know what movements are helpful/unhelpful for the individual and if a coach has a different philosophy to you, how to move the coach to your way of thinking without them overtly knowing. 

    Well done again, and excellent attempt and full of some great work. Spend time reflecting on these comments as when you do, you will become an excellent provider and user of the system.

    Well done.