Posture belt/Gravity Fit/bands instruction basics

Looking for some help..

I was wondering if anyone has got any good basic instructions for use of the materials in the title when it comes to rotation. Once the player is in golf setup with, let's say the posture belt, and they have elbows in and hands out, what is the basic instruction from there to aid with rotation. I basically just say try to keep the tension in the bands and the chest down whilst rotating back but is this even correct? Can the player cheat at all and achieve a rotation which is less than desirable? What are the key points and potentially, what are the key points to keep away from?

I love the stuff but I question if I am using them correctly so any help would be much appreciated.


    • Aaron Holtom
      Aaron Holtom

      I’ve heard mark say keep distance equal on both sides of rib cage and pelvis


      • Mark Bull
        Mark Bull

        Thanks Anthony.

        Gravity Fit i am less familiar with however this is absolutely correct with the posture belt. Essentuially, as Aaron described, elbows in front of ribcage, hands outside of elbows with fingers pointing up.

        As the player rotates, keep the ribcage down and look for where they adapt/and how as they rotate, for example at 1/2 back they start to elevate, excessively left lateral flex etc.

        Hope this helps

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